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Winter Play Plaid in light and dark denim

40 EUR

A Play Plaid with extra thick padding guaranteed to keep baby warm even in the colder months of the year

The top side is made from quilted denim and hand dyed cotton jersey
The bottom side lined with fluffy fleece fabric there is no chance of getting cold on this plaid.
The sofa, bed or even floor can be turned into a comfortable and interesting surface for baby to play, rest or nap on.

measurements: ca. 90x60 cm

Every plaid is 100% hand made in Berlin.

EBA plaids  is a Berlin based brand that offers handmade quilts and patchwork blankets partially created from recycled fabrics.

  • Some of the fabrics that have been used are hand dyed and-or bleached to create special marbelling effects and unique patterns.

  • Some EBA plaids are hand stitched in a final step to achieve a beautiful 3-D effect, that catches the light differently each time.

  • EBA plaids are made with lots of care from high quality fabrics, designed to last you for a long time.

  • EBA plaids are versatile in their use and can be used by people of all ages.  Find your EBA plaid that is perfect for the way you want to use it.

  • EBA plaids make a great baby blanket, may it be to use in the pram, stroller, on the sofa, in bed or on the floor to rest and play on.

  • EBA plaids make a great present, may it be for a birth, birthday, wedding or as a christmas present

  • If you have a special request or question, don't hesitate to contact us. We are curious about your ideas....